Kristian Alfonso to return to Days of Our Lives to bid farewell to Bill Hayes

Kristian Alfonso is returning to Peacock’s Days of our Lives to help bid farewell to the character played by Bill Hayes, who passed away in January at the age of 98.

The fan favourite, Kristian was playing the character Hope Brady, who was the daughter of Hayes’ Doug Williams. She was on set to shoot the tribute on April 22, as per the reports by TV Insider.


“My return is very bittersweet, because it is the end of an era with Bill gone,” she told the outlet. She added that it is very sad for her to return to DOOL, however, she is appreciative of the offer of including her in the series to honor Doug. She also expressed that she is happy to see everyone, but will be entering the studio with a heavy heart.

Recalling her first scene with him, the actress said, “He was very loving, very welcoming. That he was very talented and an incredible actor and an icon, that all goes without saying, but my personal relationship and my working relationship with Bill, it was home.” She continued that shooting with him, made her feel like working with her father, because the late actor had so much reality and warmth.