‘Knives Out 3’ is set to star Thanos, Cruella, and a very steamy priest

You’d have to scour the ends of the earth to find someone who hasn’t given their stamp of approval to Rian Johnson’s Benoit Blanc movies. Ever since Knives Out first dazzled us back in 2019, it seemed like everyone was fully onboard with watching Daniel Craig don the hat of this charmingly enigmatic detective for eternity.

But while Craig may steal the spotlight, any flick featuring Benoit Blanc tends to boast a cast that’s nothing short of dreamy, and Wake Up Dead Man, the upcoming third installment, is no exception.


Among the earliest and grandest announcements were those of Cailee Spaeny and Josh O’Connor, both of whom have been lighting up the silver screen lately with their roles in Civil War and Challengers, respectively. Their swift casting confirmation hints at the electric energy they’ll bring to the table. And with the legendary Glenn Close and the ever-charismatic Thomas Haden Church in the mix, you can bet your last clue that the chemistry will be off the charts.

Now, here’s the kicker: While plot details are still under wraps, the title Wake Up Dead Man just so happens to be a U2 song. Plus, with Andrew Scott and Daryl McCormack among the ensemble, signs point to Blanc’s sleuthing journey leading him to the Emerald Isle this time around (though principal photography is currently underway in London). And let’s not forget the delectably magnetic duo of Kerry Washington and Josh Brolin, along with the daring casting choices of Mila Kunis and Jeremy Renner, despite the controversies swirling around them.

But here’s the rub: Trying to predict the ins and outs of a Benoit Blanc mystery ahead of time is as futile as trying to crack a safe with a rubber chicken. However, Johnson has teased a departure from the tonal and thematic landscapes of Knives Out and Glass Onion. Given the relatively light-hearted essence of those two films, it’s safe to assume we’re in for a darker, more sinister Blanc caper. And with a cast that leans more towards nuanced charisma than bombastic bravado, it all fits together like a well-crafted puzzle.

Yet, the fact that this seems like the obvious conclusion has us suspecting that Johnson’s master plan may throw us a curveball. But hey, that’s all part of the fun, right? Whatever twists and turns Close, O’Connor, and the rest of Johnson’s ensemble have in store for us, we’re ready to dig right in.

Wake Up Dead Man is set to hit Netflix sometime in 2025, and you can bet we’ll be first in line for this tantalizing whodunit.