Kit Harrington on playing the Black Knight in MCU’s latest ‘Eternals’ and preparations: “No. If I’m totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the character”

Kit Harrington admits not knqwing about his new character, Black Knight, on MCU’s upcoming Eternals. He accepted the part because he was impressed by the “essence of the character”.

In the new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie Eternals’ movie, Kit Harrington will be starring as Dane Whitman/Black Knight. He admits to not ave known about the respective character, although he was attracted to the part by the “essence of the character”.

The former The Game of Thrones star said to Variety: “No. If I’m totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the character. I had to sort of read up on him and just see what the basics were. But the essence of the character and his powers seem to me very interesting.”


According to, he adds he has no clue where Marvel would take the character, but is thankful for a superhero with “meat to get into.”

Kit Harrington said, “God knows where it’s gonna go. So I don’t know, I can’t predict whether, where, if anywhere, they’ll take the character. But the basics of him having something that seems to be cursed, I thought, had a lot of meat to get into.”

The star was not seemingly hesitant about jumping to one big franchise to the other. He played the role of Jon Snow, an important character, in the show The Game of Thrones and now will be starring in Marvel’s Eternals as the Black Knight.

“I don’t think you get to choose when these things come along. Like, if Marvel calls up, and they say, we’ve got this interesting character for you, would you be interested in being in this movie…?

“I mean, my process was it’d been about a year and a half since I’d filmed ‘Thrones’. It seemed like an interesting character and an amazing universe, and that seemed like a no-brainer to me.I’ve got nothing against possibly long-running franchises and being in them. They’ve done very well for me! I’ve really enjoyed it. So it wasn’t a very difficult decision to make.Once I saw what they were planning with this a” the director, it’s Marvel, the character’s cool – it was a pretty easy decision,” he added.