Kendall Jenner’s Jacquemus runway outfit sparks social media backlash

Hollywood sensation Kendal Jenner recently walked up in the Jacquemas fashion show that was recently held in Versailles, France. The fashion show includes the designer’s collection worn by various models and actresses, including Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The show includes guests like Victoria and David Beckham.

Kendall Jenner made a fabulous entry at the Jacquemus runway show by ditching pants and wearing a white off-shoulder bodysuit resembling a cloud.


Accompanied by white heels, a daring choker, and earrings, the 27-year-old model completed her look with a sleek bun and middle part, complemented by natural-looking makeup. Her ensemble captured the attention and left an impression onlookers.



However, the outfit got a massive backlash from netizens. One of the users commented,” Is that a diaper ?, another commented, ” No one wears diapers like Kendal Jenner.” while another one comments”Is that a Huggies ad? “.Among the humorous remarks, Kendall Jenner faced comparisons to various objects, with comments such as “Why does Kendall resemble a shower cap?” and “Is Kendall transforming into a human scrunchie?”Comments like these were filled within the comment section of Kendal  Jenner on her latest Instagram post. The 27-year-old faced widespread criticism for her outfit.

Kendall Jenner has experienced previous social media ridicule concerning her fashion choices from renowned designers. Criticism was directed at her one-legged Alaïa jumpsuit, labeled as absurd, while her padded leather Loewe jacket drew comparisons to a ball sack.

Talking about the personal life of the American model, she is currently dating rapper Bad Bunny as reported by Pinkvilla.