Is Twin Star Exorcists manga coming to an end?

Twin Star Exorcists, the beloved manga series penned by Yoshiaki Sukeno, is approaching its long-anticipated conclusion. The announcement came via the author’s own commentary in Shueisha’s Jump SQ’s July volume, revealing that the series will wrap up with three more chapters after the June release.

As of June, the manga had reached its 131st chapter, implying that its final chapter, the 134th, will likely mark the end of its serialized run. This finale is expected to arrive by September of this year, assuming the regular release schedule is maintained.


Yoshiaki Sukeno embarked on Twin Star Exorcists’ journey in November 2013 within the pages of Jump SQ. The narrative escalated into its final arc in October 2020, a culmination that has spanned nearly four years due to the manga’s monthly publication schedule. Sukeno later divided this final arc into three distinct parts, with the first concluding in November 2021, signaling the series’ impending conclusion.

Throughout its serialization, Twin Star Exorcists has amassed 33 tankobon volumes published by Shueisha, with the latest volume hitting shelves in February 2024. The manga’s popularity also led to an anime adaptation in 2016, which garnered a dedicated following through platforms like Crunchyroll.

The storyline of Twin Star Exorcists centers around Rokuro Enmado, a talented individual residing in Magano—a world plagued by sinister creatures known as Kegare. Despite his initial reluctance to embrace his exorcist abilities, Rokuro’s fate intertwines with Benio Adashino, a determined exorcist. Together, they are branded as the Twin Star Exorcists by an oracle, a title traditionally reserved for married exorcist couples. Their journey unfolds as they confront the threats of Magano and navigate the complexities of their destined partnership.

Beyond the main manga series, Twin Star Exorcists has expanded its universe with two spin-off manga and a light novel adaptation penned by Hajime Tanaka. This multifaceted approach has solidified the franchise’s appeal among fans, who eagerly anticipate the series’ conclusion while reflecting on its impact and legacy.

As the final chapters approach, enthusiasts of Twin Star Exorcists prepare to bid farewell to a captivating tale that has spanned over a decade, eager to witness how Sukeno brings this epic saga to its ultimate resolution.