Is Hoda Leaving ‘The Today Show?’

Hoda Kotb’s absence from The Today Show in March and subsequent sporadic absences in April raised some concerns among viewers about her future on the show. Here’s the latest on her status:


Is Hoda Kotb Leaving The Today Show?

Despite rumors sparked by her recent absences, Hoda Kotb is not leaving The Today Show. While her absence for an entire week in March and subsequent day-long absences in April raised eyebrows, it has been clarified that these were due to personal and work-related reasons rather than an indication of her departure from the show.

In March 2024, Kotb’s absence was attributed to a tropical Spring Break trip she took with her daughters. Later in April, she missed a few episodes because of a work assignment in New Orleans to film a story celebrating her and Jenna Bush Hager’s fifth anniversary as co-anchors. The exact reason for her absence from the second half of the March 27 episode remains undisclosed.

Despite these brief periods away, there has been no indication from NBC or Kotb herself that she intends to leave The Today Show. Her role as co-host alongside Jenna Bush Hager continues to be secure, and Kotb remains a beloved figure on the morning show.

Kotb has been open about personal changes, such as contemplating a move for her children to a new school and area, as shared on her Making Space podcast. These personal considerations may have contributed to her recent absences, but they do not reflect any professional departure from NBC or The Today Show.

For fans who have grown fond of Hoda Kotb’s presence and warmth on The Today Show, the reassurance is clear: she is not leaving. Her occasional absences were related to personal commitments and work assignments, and NBC has shown no signs of replacing her. Thus, viewers can continue to enjoy Kotb’s contributions to the show alongside Jenna Bush Hager without concern for her departure.