Is ‘Back To The Future’ considered a “Brat Pack” movie now?

The documentary series Brats delves into the cultural phenomenon of the “Brat Pack,” a term coined for a group of young actors who rose to fame in the 1980s through their roles in iconic coming-of-age films aimed at teenagers. Originally inspired by the “Rat Pack” of the 1950s and 1960s, this new generation of actors captured the hearts of audiences with their portrayals in movies like The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink.

While the core Brat Pack films typically feature actors such as Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, and Anthony Michael Hall, the series also discusses the broader impact of 1980s cinema on youth culture. Interestingly, the documentary raises the question of whether Back to the Future, a beloved sci-fi classic from 1985 starring Michael J. Fox, fits within the Brat Pack genre.


Back to the Future, although not traditionally considered a Brat Pack film, shares some thematic elements with the genre. It explores themes of adolescence, friendship, and identity, resonating deeply with teenage audiences despite its sci-fi premise. Michael J. Fox, known for his charismatic portrayal of Marty McFly, became an iconic figure of the 1980s film landscape, contributing to the era’s cinematic legacy alongside the Brat Pack actors.

In essence, while Back to the Future may not be a quintessential Brat Pack film like The Breakfast Club, its impact on 1980s cinema and its appeal to young audiences are noteworthy topics explored in the documentary Brats. This juxtaposition prompts viewers to consider the broader cultural context and evolution of youth-oriented films during that era.


Back To The Future Is Not Considered A Brat Pack Movie

Despite its thematic similarities to Brat Pack movies, Back to the Future is not typically classified as a Brat Pack film. While it shares the coming-of-age elements common in Brat Pack movies and was released during the 1980s, the film diverges from the genre in several key ways.

One of the defining characteristics of Brat Pack movies is the presence of two or more core members from the group of young actors who dominated teen-oriented films of the era. Back to the Future only features one actor who is loosely associated with the Brat Pack, Lea Thompson, and she is considered more tangential to the group rather than a core member. Additionally, Brat Pack films tend to focus primarily on young adult characters, whereas Back to the Future includes significant roles for characters like Doc Brown, who is older and not part of the teen demographic.

Despite Michael J. Fox’s prominent role as Marty McFly, his association with the Brat Pack is also tenuous. He never appeared in films alongside the core Brat Pack members, which further distances him from the label.

In summary, while Back to the Future shares some characteristics with Brat Pack films, it does not fully align with the genre’s criteria, particularly in terms of ensemble cast composition and character focus. Therefore, it is often considered Brat Pack-adjacent rather than a definitive member of the Brat Pack canon.