Invincible: Ezra Miller recast as mad scientist ahead of season 2 of Prime Video animated series

It appears Ezra Miller was quietly recast as mad scientist D.A. Sinclair in season 2 of Prime Video’s Invincible.

Miller voiced the character in one episode in the first season of the adult animated series, but when the series appeared in the episode on March 28th, the character was voiced by Eric Bauza of X-Men.


Miller, who is known for his portrayal in The Flash and Fantastic Beasts, has been embroiled in multiple scandals. Last year, they pleaded guilty to unlawful trespassing in a burglary case in Vermont after cutting a plea deal ahead of the hearing. In 2022, Miller agreed to mental health treatment after a string of run-ins with the law.

The series Invincible revolves around 18-year-old Mark Grayson, voiced by Steven Yeun, who is just like every other guy at his age – except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark is struggling to rebuild his life as he is still reeling from Nolan’s betrayal from the season 1. He is facing a new lot of threats while facing the greatest fear – that he might become his father without even realising it.