‘I always saw him as a broken soul with a shattered heart…’ Tom Hiddleston shares why he never saw Loki as a villain

Tom Hiddleston has portrayed Loki in seven films and two Disney+ shows.

In May, it will be 13 years since the release of Thor, the 2011 Marvel Cinematic Universe film in which actor Tom Hiddleston played Loki for the first time. Since 2011, Tom Hiddleston has appeared in seven films and two Disney+ programmes. Despite being an anti-hero character, Loki enjoys a large following among superhero lovers.

Tom Hiddleston recently spoke with Deadline about his role as the “God of Mischief” and where he sees himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, given that season two of Loki ended last November.


“I’ve absolutely loved playing Loki; it’s been 15 years, and it is the most magnificent and emotional roller coaster for the twists and turns. He has so much range and so much complexity, it never feels like I’m playing] the same thing.” said Hiddleston, while talking about how he has not felt any sense of repetition, despite playing Loki for over a decade.

Hiddleston expressed thanks for the job, saying, “Playing Loki has changed the course of my whole life, no question.”

Even though Loki is typically portrayed as a villain with mischief under his sleeve, his character evolves significantly in season 2 of the Disney+ series. In Season 2, Loki discovers the importance of self-sacrifice for the greater good. Hiddleston emphasises Loki’s complexity, arguing that he sees him as more than just a villain.

The 43-year-old pondered Loki’s character growth, saying, “I always saw him from the very first film as a broken soul with a shattered heart who felt like he didn’t belong; all that grief hardens into a grievance.”

Hiddleston has already discussed Loki’s multifaceted personality. He recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 12 and said, “I’m aware that he (Loki) made some interesting choices, which could be accumulated into a picture that looks like he’s a villain, and once upon a time, he was making some misguided choices. You know, trying to take over New York and the Avengers having to assemble to stop him, that was a bad day in the office. I’d like to think that 14 years later he’s making some slightly more generous, loving, and heroic choices.”

In recent interviews, Hiddleston has avoided discussing the possibility of reprising his role as Loki. In interviews with Deadline and on Jimmy Kimmel live, Hiddleston diplomatically stated that he had no idea where the character will go from here on.