How to Read All Louise Penny Inspector Gamache Books In Order

Navigating Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series, which spans 20 books, in chronological order can be a thrilling yet daunting task.

Since its inception in 2005, Penny’s mystery series has captivated readers with its protagonist, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, a French-Canadian detective with a keen eye for solving crimes.

The recent announcement of a television adaptation scheduled for release in 2022, starring Alfred Molina, adds to the series’ allure, promising to bring Penny’s wholesome take on crime fiction to a broader audience.


For those eager to dive into the intricacies of Penny’s meticulously crafted world, here’s a guide on how to read every Inspector Gamache book in chronological order:

  1. Still Life (2005): Introduces Inspector Armand Gamache investigating a mysterious death in the quaint town of Three Pines.
  2. A Fatal Grace/Dead Cold (2006): Gamache delves into an electrifying mystery during a Boxing Day curling match.
  3. The Cruellest Month (2007): Springtime brings death to Three Pines, leading Gamache to unravel a chilling case.
  4. A Rule Against Murder/The Murder Stone (2008): While on vacation, Gamache encounters dark secrets at a lakeside manor.
  5. The Brutal Telling (2009): A murder in Three Pines puts beloved residents under suspicion.
  6. Bury Your Dead (2010): Gamache investigates a murder amidst Québec City’s winter carnival.
  7. The Hangman (2010): Gamache questions a ruling of suicide in the death of a traveler.
  8. A Trick of the Light (2011): The death of an artist sparks intrigue in the art world of Three Pines.
  9. The Beautiful Mystery (2012): Gamache delves into the mysteries of faith and murder in a remote monastery.
  10. How the Light Gets In (2013): Gamache returns to Three Pines to confront past demons and solve a case with far-reaching implications.
  11. The Long Way Home (2014): Retired but not idle, Gamache embarks on a search for a missing husband.
  12. The Nature of the Beast (2015): Gamache investigates the disappearance of a young boy with a troubled past.
  13. A Great Reckoning (2016): Gamache returns to the Sûreté du Québec to mentor new cadets while solving a professor’s murder.
  14. Glass Houses (2017): As Chief Superintendent, Gamache faces a mysterious figure and town-wide paranoia.
  15. Kingdom of the Blind (2018): Gamache navigates a will’s enigmatic bequest amidst turmoil in Three Pines.
  16. A Better Man (2019): Amidst social media drama and natural disaster threats, Gamache investigates a potential homicide.
  17. All the Devils Are Here (2020): Gamache ventures to Paris, uncovering family secrets and international intrigue.
  18. The Madness of Crowds (2021): Gamache confronts a disgraced professor during a snowy holiday gathering in Three Pines.
  19. A World of Curiosities (2022): Gamache faces a blast from the past as unresolved mysteries resurface.
  20. The Grey Wolf (2024): In the upcoming release, Gamache’s peaceful summer is disrupted by a life-altering phone call.

With the entire Inspector Gamache series available online and in bookstores worldwide, readers can embark on a thrilling journey through Penny’s intricate tales of mystery and intrigue.