Happy Pride Month from Niall Horan! celebrating love and equality – Check out

June is officially the month when we celebrate love and equality while throwing some light on the rights of the LGBT community and spreading the message that ‘Love is Love’ no matter if it’s between a girl and a guy, two girls, or two guys, everyone deserves to be loved and the right to love irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation. This is why, the month is June is celebrated as ‘Pride Month’ where all the members of the LGBT community organise different events to highlight their love for their partners and to demand their rights.

Many Celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood and other entertainment industries show their support for Pride Month and LGBT community. One such celebrity is Niall Horan from the popular boyband ‘One Direction’. The 29-year-old musician is known for a supporter of Pride Month, as he claimed back in 2017, “I think pride is extremely important. It should not be a matter of what sexuality people have”.


In 2021, the singer took over his Twitter and made a Tweet about the same. He wrote, “HAPPY PRIDE MONTH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. It is your life, love who you want to. #PRIDE”.


For spreading awareness about the members of the LGBT community and Pride Month, many movies have been produced around the globe, regardless of the country and the language. Some of the most prominent and loved movies include ‘Call Me by Your Name’ from Brazil, ‘Love, Simon, and ‘Moonlight’ from America, ‘Subh Mangal Zyada Savdhan’ from India, ‘Together’ from Thailand and ‘Where your eyes linger’ from South Korea.