Gladiator: The reboot show renewed for season two by BBC

The Gladiators reboot, which has turned out to be a big hit for BBC has been ordered for a second season.

Ahead of this weekend’s final, the BBC said its first episode is now its biggest entertainment launch for nearly decade and has almost reached 10 million after 28 days.


The first season, which was hosted by Bradley and Barney Walsh, witnessed 16 superhuman Gladiators: Legend, Nitro, Sabre, Diamond, Athena, Phantom, Giant, Fire, Bionic, Viper, Electro, Dynamite, Apollo, Steel, Comet, and Fury, who went on to become household names as viewers cheer on favourites as they compete against contenders in iconic events such as duel and powerball, culminating in the iconic eliminator.

Gladiators had been a hit show in the 1990s but did not make it to the British screens for nearly 25 years apart from brief return in 2008.

The order for renewal comes alongside a string of reboots that have garnered varying degrees of success including Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, and Survivor.