Former ‘Dragon Age’ Writer Likens Bi/Pan NPCs to ‘Sex Dolls’ in Wildly Misguided X Thread

Ah, Dragon Age fans, stirring up the Discourse™ again like it’s an ancient elven artifact. BioWare drops a teaser for The Veilguard after a decade of whispers and winks, and suddenly, the internet erupts in a cacophony of opinions, hot takes, and the occasional comparison to sex dolls. Yep, you heard that right.

Some former writer decided to sprinkle some controversy on the hype stew by likening Bi/Pan NPCs to, well, let’s just say not the most flattering comparison in Thedas. Because when you’ve waited ten years for new Dragon Age lore, what’s a bit of unexpected commentary from someone who’s clearly been away from Skyhold for too long?


But fear not, brave adventurers. Among the chaos, there are still treasures to uncover. BioWare’s promising new tale promises to delve into the mystical Veilguard, where mages and mysteries collide in ways that make Morrigan’s eyebrow raise. Whether you’re here for the epic quests or the romances hotter than dragonfire, The Veilguard seems poised to deliver.

So, grab your staff, check your inventory for potions, and prepare for another journey through Thedas. Just watch out for the stray comments about NPCs—they’re like darkspawn in the Fade, hard to predict and best taken with a grain of lyrium.