‘Experience Is a Good Teacher’ Snoop Dogg on his healthy and happy married life

Musician Snoop Dogg discusses about his relationship with wife Shante Taylor’s long and happy marriage. Keep reading.

According to rapper Snoop Dogg, the key to a successful marriage is to always say “yes” and give your spouse what she wants.

The 51-year-old musician, who has four children—Corde, 28, Cordell, 25, and Cori, 23, with wife Shante Taylor, and Julian, 25 with ex Laurie Holmond—said it is best to let his “soulmate” make her own decisions. According to Variety, the rapper has been married since 1997.


“Giving them everything they want, getting out the way, saying yes, yes, yes. I learned that by saying no, no, no and getting in the way. Experience is a good teacher. We’ve grown as boyfriend and girlfriend to grandparents to soulmates,” he told In Touch US when asked what the recipe for a healthy marriage is.

The hip-hop legend has five grandchildren and said that he’s not as “firm and direct” with his brood’s kids.

He said: “With my kids, I was more firm and direct. I would just tell them to do something. But I have to do in-depth therapy work with my grandkids. Now it’s, ‘No, you have to do this and then that. Do you have all these steps? OK, give me a hug.’”

Snoop Dogg’s sixth grandchildren, Kai Love, unfortunately died in 2019. The baby’s father Corde verified the tragic news by uploading a picture of Kai’s hospital nameplate and a clip of his infant daughter Elleven Love kissing her infant sibling.

Corde wrote: “Kai Love 9/15/19 – 9/25/19 My Son Kai brought so much love and positivity into this world. His energy will live on and these 10 days of love will always be special to us. Let’s all cherish life and those we love while we are here. Thank you.”

Soraya, Corde’s partner with whom he had Kai, is also the mother of Elleven. Zion, a kid he shares with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Kyzer.

Snoop has previously stated that his family comes before everything else.