Eternals 2: Take a look at some possible release dates

Eternals might not have been Marvel Studios’ most well-known film – truth be told, it’s among the lowest grossing and rated, however, there’s still a lot of expectation for the sequel. That comes to some extent because of the amazing cliffhanger from the first installment that saw half the team taken by the Celestial Arishem to judge Earth, and the others circling the galaxy looking for other Eternals. That came on top of the debut of Harry Styles’ Eros, aka Starfox.

The sequel could have been omitted from Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con presentation and the Phase 5 slate, however that didn’t stop Pip the Troll actor Patton Oswalt from affirming Eternals 2 as of late. Included in that reveal was the news that Oscar-victor Chloé Zhao will be getting back to helm the follow-up.


Marvel Studios still has a few dates held for untitled MCU releases in the forthcoming years, however which will Zhao’s sequel fall into?

Check Out Some Possible Release Dates For Eternals 2

Eternals’ Pip the Troll actor Patton Oswalt as of late uncovered a sequal to be in developed with Chloé Zhao getting back to helm the the follow-up. Assuming the actor’s understanding of the situation is accurate, Eternals 2 appears to as of now have the green light. Zhao might try and right now be working on the project as she at present has no other forthcoming projects listed publicly.

So, as work seems, by all accounts, to be in progress on Eternals 2, when will the highly-awaited sequel show up resolve that crazy cliffhanger? All things considered, Marvel Studios still has one untitled MCU venture scheduled for release on February 16, 2024, maybe that might be a perfect window to put the sequel in the Phase 5 slate, directly between Agatha: House of Harkness and Daredevil: Born Again.

On the other hand, the sequel could slot into July 25, 2025, directly between the two Avengers blockbusters, keeping the ensemble momentum streaming in thegap between them.

Yet, on the off chance that in some way Eternals 2 didn’t make it into the Multiverse Saga, which appears to be rather unlikely, Marvel Studios already has four Phase 7 flags planted for February 13, May 1, July 24, and November 6, 2026. These dates are presently too far out to predict in which it could fall, yet the 1st movie did fall in November, something which could be replicated here.

When Will Eternals 2 Release?

With Eternals 2 already seeming to have entered development under Chloé Zhaothe highly-awaited sequel should come before the Multiverse Saga has concluded. However, since Deadpool 3 seems to be a sure thing to take the vacant February 2024, the ensemble flick should fall in 2025, directly before either The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars. February 14 or July 25, 2025, are both viable options for Eternals 2.

Maybe an official affirmation of Eternals 2 will come one month from now during Marvel Studios’ D23 presentation, which will happen on Saturday, September 10.