Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt discuss their collaboration in ‘Jungle Cruise.’

‘Jungle Cruise’ stars share their experience of working together on the project. Read more to know the details.

A Jaume Collet-Serra directorial, ‘Jungle Cruise’ is based on the name of a Disney’s theme park ride. Hollywood actors Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt opened about their experience of working together in the film ‘Jungle Cruise’ before its release.

“We lucked out, we genuinely got along and became best buds and it was easy peasy, it was just such a fun experience. But I think the script was so winning, the chemistry on the page was so winning and we had a really brilliant director who was very free-spirited and he left us to mess around and improv and stretch the scenes around so they just had this life. So if you didn’t have a director who was this open and confident in letting you play with it then you don’t have the same spirit. We got very lucky with Jaume,” Blunt said of her chemistry with Johnson and praised the director, via ANI. Likewise, Johnson also praised director Jaume for executing everything in a flawless manner.


Johnson further added, “Jaume wants to build a world, he’s a world builder and he loves characters, he loves building a world and of all the elements Jungle Cruise brings Emily and I had asked him at the end of our first conversation what’s the movie about and he said love. Of all the things, comedy and action and adventure and it came down to love so it was great,” via ANI.

The film had its world premiere a few days ago, during which Johnson, who is also a producer of the film, paid tribute to Walt Disney, who opened the Anaheim park in July 1955 with the Jungle Cruise ride as one of its original attractions, according to Deadline.

Meanwhile, earlier it was also reported that even Dwayne’s best attempts couldn’t have Emily sign for the role. While speaking to a Hollywood reporter, he had said, he had decided on having her as a part of the film’s cast and tried to convince her in 2017 however, it didn’t work out as she had decided to take a break after she shot Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place. It was also reported that she received a personal letter from Sean Bailey, who is the chief of Disney’s live-action studio yet she didn’t read the script. Later, Emily eventually read the script after the director assured her that it would be Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone.