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Dua Lipa makes her debut into the fashion world through ‘La Vacanza’ collection

The singing sensation Dua Lipa had earlier collaborated with the luxury brand Versace for their summer collection that had been showcased at the Cannes Film Festival on the 23rd of May. The singer has leaped into the Fashion Industry by joining hands with the remarkable company. The designs for “La Vacanza” were co-created by Dua Lipa and Donatella and they did not seem to disappoint us.

The collection had been inspired by the brand’s winter pieces in 1992 and summer outfits in 1995 and had attires ranging from polka dot dresses and turquoise-colored outfits to exotic swimsuits. Dua has been associated with the brand for a long time now and had donned many Versace classics to her concerts. As of now, the collection has been made available at the stores and even on online portals soon after the show’s display.

The designer Donatella also took to her Instagram and shared a lovely note saying, “@dualipa, we did it! You are now both Versace supermodel AND Versace superdesigner. We designed this collection with true friendship, love and joy at the heart of every piece we put on show tonight. Your passion and vision has inspired me throughout this creative journey. I love you more than you can imagine. Donatella x,” and were seen holding hands in the picture while addressing the show.

The announcement regarding the collaboration was made prior to this month. In a press conference that was held before the runaway show, Dua said, “We wanted to make the holiday wardrobe and something that I’ll wear all summer, but also something other people will love and enjoy,” and expressed how easy it was for them to convey their ideas and creatives.