Drake confesses that he wanted a 'fairy tale' wedding with Rihanna, but things turned topsy-turvy | Business Upturn

Drake confesses that he wanted a ‘fairy tale’ wedding with Rihanna, but things turned topsy-turvy

In the middle of the 2000s, the two met while filming Rihanna’s debut music video, Pon de Replay, and their relationship began. According to reports, the couple separated in 2018.

Drake has a long-term romance with pop superstar Rihanna and has publicly expressed his love for her. On LeBron James’ HBO show The Shop, the rapper voiced his wish for a picture-perfect family with the singer.

Drake, on the other hand, learned as he reflected on his life that, despite his initial intention to marry her and start a family, life’s circumstances had pushed him in a different way. He discovered that the path life had chosen for him did not always correspond to what was lovely on paper.


On a show, he revealed: “As life takes shape and teaches you your own lessons, I end up in this situation where I don’t have the fairy tale, like, ‘Oh, Drake started a family with Rihanna and this is like so perfect, it looks so good on paper. By the way, I wanted that too at one time.”

Their relationship remained sporadic till 2016. Pinkvilla explained that the couple opted to keep their romance private in order for it to flourish correctly and remain hidden from prying eyes.

Drake publicly expressed his love for Rihanna when presenting her with the Video Vanguard Award at the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards.

She was “someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22,” he admitted, confessing his feelings for her. He emphasised how close they were. In her winning speech, Rihanna reportedly made reference to her native Barbados, claiming that her people would be proud of her.  Before exiting the stage, she made a point of thanking Drake and kissing him.

Rihanna is currently in a relationship with A$AP Rocky. She recently welcomed their second child together.