Deadpool’s Rob Liefeld announces retirement from Marvel franchise after 33 years

Rob Liefeld, 56, reflected on his incredible career and acknowledged its impact on his health and artistic ability.

Rob Liefeld, the original creator of the popular Marvel character Deadpool, startled fans on Tuesday by announcing his retirement from all future Deadpool publications.

Liefeld, who co-founded Image Comics and is well-known for his contributions to the comic book industry, revealed his decision on social media, claiming that he wants to move on from his most renowned work despite Deadpool 3’s impending release.


In a note on microblogging platform X, he wrote, “One of the fun parts about getting older is that you can retire from things, so here I am.”

In a candid statement to, Liefeld revealed that, while he will not be actively involved in creating new Deadpool content, he will continue to promote the upcoming feature.

He joked, “I’m not dying,” when asked about the timing of his announcement, but stressed that reasons such as age, health, and a desire to pursue other ventures affected his choice.

When comparing his departure from Deadpool to that of other comic authors who have moved away from their signature characters, Liefeld stressed the importance of knowing when to say goodbye gracefully in order to avoid outstaying one’s welcome with fans.

“The truth of the matter is, every artist knows their expiration date,” Liefeld remarked in an interview with “We’ve all had an artist that we liked, who you suddenly see their heads are too big…There are telltale signs of an artist and older age.”

At 56, Liefeld reflected on his successful career, acknowledging the impact it had on his health and artistic skills. He candidly revealed his current health crisis and the realisation that his body was not as sturdy as it once was, prompting him to reevaluate his objectives and long-term commitments.