‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ twist confirms Taylor Swift is the MCU’s new Andrew Garfield

Looks like we’re waking up from the dream, folks. Despite the feverish speculation that’s been swirling for months, the verdict’s in: Taylor Swift won’t be gracing the screen in Deadpool & Wolverine, or so says Entertainment Weekly. And hey, if we can’t trust a venerable publication like EW, then who can we trust, right?

But hold your horses—remember when Andrew Garfield swore up and down that he wasn’t swinging into Spider-Man: No Way Home? Yeah, turns out he was just spinning us a web of lies, and his cameo had us all doing a collective Spidey sense double-take.

So, could there be a new wolf in town, and this time, it’s Taylor Swift? That’s the question on everyone’s minds as Marvel attempts to pull the wool over our eyes, or should I say fur?

Now, what’s curious about EW’s article is the lack of juicy details to back up their denial. No insider sources, no behind-the-scenes scoops—just a casual brush-off like, “Sorry folks, no Taylor Swift here… Anyway.” It’s got Marvel fans scratching their heads and wondering if there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

After getting bitten once before (by a werewolf, no less), fans aren’t exactly eager to swallow this denial whole. Many suspect Marvel’s up to some sneaky shenanigans to keep Swift’s cameo under wraps, much like they did with Garfield’s Spidey surprise.

And let’s not forget the breadcrumbs Marvel’s been leaving us. That new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer gave us a glimpse of Lady Deadpool, a character folks are quick to link to Swift. Did Marvel not anticipate our detective skills, or are they scrambling to cover their tracks now?

Then there’s the IMAX poster, featuring Wade and Logan’s best friend bracelets—a signature Swiftie move if there ever was one. And let’s not ignore the fact that Blake Lively was rocking those bracelets at the Super Bowl…where she was hanging with Taylor! It’s enough to make you wonder if Marvel’s playing us all for fools.

But here’s the thing: whether Taylor’s in the movie or not, Marvel’s already won. Just like the Garfield-Spider-Man saga, the buzz around Swift’s potential cameo has only drummed up more excitement for Deadpool & Wolverine. She’s become the Andrew Garfield of this film, and if Andrew himself pops up too, well, Marvel fans might just implode from excitement.

So, whether Swift’s in the movie or not, one thing’s for sure: the hype train for Deadpool & Wolverine is full steam ahead. All aboard!