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Cameron Diaz announces her acting retirement after her final Netflix movie with Jamie Foxx

Her 3-year-old daughter is what she wants to concentrate on.


Following the completion of filming for her upcoming Netflix feature “Back in Action” with Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, the attractive actress best known for her parts in films like “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Mask,” is said to be quitting acting. The long hours of filming have proven to be too challenging for 50-year-old Diaz to juggle with family life as she wants to concentrate on being a mother to her 3-year-old daughter, Raddix.

According to a source, “these back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her and she hates being away from Raddix. Cameron loves being a mom more than anything in the world.”


Although Diaz’s husband Benji Madden supports her acting career, he has also found her time on set to be challenging. Cameron’s decision to resign is not altogether unexpected given that she announced her acting retirement one year prior to Raddix’s 2019 birth.

Fans were shocked, though, when Diaz returned to acting to co-star with Foxx in “Back in Action.” Seth Gordon’s action-comedy movie is scheduled for release some time in 2024.


Despite rumours of conflict on set, including Foxx apparently throwing a fit and dismissing numerous crew members, a source close to Diaz claimed that Foxx had nothing to do with her decision to resign.

According to the source, Diaz is aware of the need to make difficult choices in the business, and Foxx was the only factor in her decision to participate in the project.

The source said that Cameron has established her name in Hollywood and “has nothing left to prove to anyone.” Foxx and Diaz have collaborated in the past and have known each other for years. They both appeared in “Any Given Sunday” in 1999, and they collaborated on the “Annie” remake in 2014.

According to Screen Daily, “Back in Action” filming apparently took place in the UK from December 2, 2022, to March 9, and more will supposedly take place in Georgia between March 27 and April 14.