Ben Affleck discloses wife Jennifer Lopez’s secret to ageless beauty: Find out

Despite not having any control over her diet or eating habits, Ben Affleck’s wife, Jenifer Lopez, who is 53 years old, appears younger.

Ben Affleck made his television debut on The Drew Barrymore Show on Friday. The well-known actor from Hollywood went there to promote his most recent movie, Air, which was released on April 5, 2023, in the US.Drew Barrymore, the show’s emcee, interrogated Affleck on various subjects throughout.


Barrymore questioned him, asking when he had last gone skinny-dipping.

“My wife and I went on a little vacation recently; we went in the pool—I don’t know if that counts as skinny dipping.” “It wasn’t, like, an ’80s college movie or anything.”

“Well, were you naked?” Barrymore asked with curiosity.

“We were naked in the pool, yes,” answered Affleck.

The Oscar-winning actor also discussed his wife Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary work ethic, which keeps her in shape, on the programme. He clarified that it was unrelated to her dietary habits.

He emphasised how Lopez doesn’t give much thought to what she eats.”Let me tell you something that’s going to upset you.” Jennifer just eats whatever she wants. Whatever she wants “She eats cookies, ice cream, everything,” according to Affleck.

He continued by describing how his wife, who is 53 years old, looks younger than her actual age despite not having any influence over her diet or exercise routine.

“She works out.” I work out too, but I don’t magically appear to be 20 years old. You know what I mean? “With perfect skin and the whole thing,” Affleck remarked.

“There’s no taking away of the work ethic—the work ethic is real, the discipline is real, but also the superhuman thing is real. She’s the most gorgeous woman in the world. She looks spectacular,” he continued, praising Jenifer.