Baby Reindeer actress Jennifer Gunning opens up on harrowing stalker scenes in the series

The female star of Baby Reindeer says she felt a sense of responsibility towards her co-star Richard Gadd, who wrote the Netflix drama about a stalker and her victim, based on his own real life experience of being targeted.

In the series which has topped the Netflix charts on the both the side of Atlantic, since its release last week, Jessica Gunning, who plays the role of Martha, who meets kindly barman Donny. Their harmless first meeting becomes chilling as Martha harasses Donny.


The role of Donny is being  played by Scottish comedian Gadd in the show, which is based on the story on an earlier period in his life, where in he had been abused by an older man, and became a target of stalking.

During a conversation with BBC, Gunning said she felt the need to talk to Gadd during filming, especially during the harrowing scenes of grooming and assault seen in episode four out of seven.

“That was really tough time. Richard was so amazingly brave and vulnerable and open to reliving all of that. I was so impressed with him.”

Gunning has previously appeared in BBC comedy The Outlaws and the film Pride.