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Ashley Benson exudes intense PDA with Brandon Davis in a Bikini in Mexico

On February 1, Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis were spotted with Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Cody John on a double date.


When on vacation with her brand-new boyfriend Brandon Davis, Ashley Benson was wearing a black bikini. The oil heir, 43, and the Pretty Little Liars actress, 33, were enjoying their unplanned romantic break when they were photographed kissing. When they walked into a bar for a drink, Ashley wore her bikini top with a pair of cut-off black Daisy Dukes and sunglasses. The actress completed her outfit with a gold watch and sandals for the heat. Last but not least, she maintained her distinctive blonde hairstyle with a loose beach wave.

As they sat down to dine at a table decorated with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, Ashley placed a white t-shirt over her ensemble. When they had a kiss in front of the other diners, she seemed to be sitting on his lap, obviously at ease with their relationship.

Brandon chose to dress in red swim trunks, a baseball cap, and a white t-shirt underneath a button-down. The grandson of 20th Century Fox’s former owner, Marvin Davis, drank from what appeared to be an old fashion.


According to a PEOPLE magazine article that appeared on Friday, Feb. 3, the couple  “have a lot of mutual friends and are both super fun and very social people.”  The insider revealed the new pair shortly after they were observed going on two dates simultaneously—to a basketball game with Julia Roberts’ niece Emma Roberts and Emma’s boyfriend Cody John, and then to a birthday party—with her close buddy. Since then, Ashley and Brandon have also been sighted out for sushi in Los Angeles, where they were caught kissing.