Anne Heche suffers severe burns after the actress meets a catastrophic vehicle collision

American actress Anne Heche is in serious condition. Actress Anne Heche is in critical condition after crashing her vehicle into a house.


Actress Anne Heche was allegedly taken to the hospital following a vehicle accident in Los Angeles on Friday, August 5. Anne collided with a house, sparking a fire. After sustaining serious burns, she is claimed to be in critical condition. The 53-year-old actress was reportedly driving a blue Mini Cooper. She allegedly crashed her car into an apartment complex garage before smashing into a Los Angeles residence.

“The vehicle (Anne Heche) was going at a high rate of speed when she veered off the road and crashed with a home,” Los Angeles Police Public Information Officer Jeff Lee told CNN.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the accident started the fire and enveloped the automobile in flames, causing Anne Heche to suffer burn injuries. LAFD paramedics took her to a nearby hospital in severe condition. The fire took firemen more than an hour to completely extinguish.

Anne Celeste Heche is an American actress and director. Anne Heche rose to prominence with her television programme Another World. She portrayed twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in the series, for which she received a Daytime Emmy Award. She’s also appeared in movies such as Donnie Brasco, Six Days Seven Nights, and Wag the Dog.