Andrew Scott reveals that coming out to his family as a gay was a gift indeed

The ‘Fleabag’ and ‘All of Us Strangers’ actor Andrew Scott is a well-known Hollywood star. He has amazed everyone with his incredible acting skills and has also been an inspiration to many. During his early years in the film industry, he was told to keep his sexuality a secret to be successful as an actor.

Andrew had understood the reason why it would be beneficial for him to keep a secret that he was gay. He was aware that this would essentially impact his acting career. However, the artist over time, revealed his true self to his audience.


As reported by, Andrew says, “I was encouraged, by people in the industry who I admired and who had my best interests at heart, to keep that [to myself], I understand why they gave that advice, but I’m also glad that I eventually ignored it.” He has given this statement in the new issue of Britain’s GQ magazine.

Andrew expressed that he had been fearful most of the time and ignored that side of the truth. He said what’s difficult for gay people is that you don’t get to experience adolescence in the way every other teenager does. If I like the person and if he likes me back it’s not a given for us.

Scott, 47 years old today, recalls the time when he was fearful of his sexuality. Though he has gone through immense pain while coming out to his family. The actor believes that it has been a gift disguised in suffering as he was truly loved afterwards.

He further added, “I do think that that is a gift now, because to have to risk everything, and for your family and friends to say ‘We accept you no matter what,’ that’s a real feeling of love that you get confirmed at a very young age, that some people who aren’t queer don’t get. I mean, some queer people aren’t so lucky.”

The actor received tremendous love for playing the role of hot priest in Fleabag. Despite garnering so much attention, the actor never felt that he was being objectified.