Andrew Cuomo reemerges after cozying up to one of Trump’s biggest enemies

Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York who faced significant controversy due to allegations of sexual misconduct, appears to be navigating his return to public life, including socializing with notable figures like actor Robert De Niro.

Cuomo recently resurfaced at a VIP event preceding the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival, an event De Niro co-founded and regularly participates in. Given their mutual association with the festival, it wasn’t surprising that De Niro and Cuomo crossed paths. The actor has been vocal in his support of Cuomo’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, even suggesting in 2020 that Cuomo would have made a better president than Donald Trump, whom De Niro openly criticizes.


Their bond isn’t solely based on political alignment; it extends into personal admiration and social interactions. Cuomo has publicly praised De Niro’s contributions to New York, presenting him with a state award for leadership at a previous Tribeca Film Festival. Cuomo highlighted De Niro’s embodiment of New York’s resilience and values, underscoring their mutual respect beyond politics.

Their social connection was further evident when Cuomo attended De Niro’s birthday celebrations in 2024, indicating a personal rapport that transcends professional admiration. Despite Cuomo’s recent controversies and the fallout from the sexual misconduct investigation, which found him guilty of harassment, De Niro’s continued association with him at public events suggests a maintained relationship.

In essence, Andrew Cuomo and Robert De Niro’s friendship appears grounded in shared values, professional respect, and personal affinity, illustrating how social connections can endure amidst political and personal challenges.