Actress Dannii Erskine passes away at the age of 28 in a terrible car accident

The Bride and Prejudice actress had been called dead in the recent car accident that took place on the 29th of April. This announcement was made on her Instagram account wherein a family member posted a picture of her. The actress was hit by a car which was driven by a drunk driver, her family has confirmed the news.


Dannii was exclusively known for her appearance in the 2019’s season of Bride and Prejudice and how she married Denton Ansley even after her mother and sister hadn’t been in her support. Unfortunately, the actress couldn’t make it long as she was crashed by another car and it impacted into injuring her skull, she was later pronounced brain dead at 12:01 am.

Her family has even updated a picture on her official Instagram account. The post read, “28/04 took Dannii’s life to a speeding driver – A awful accident. We appreciate and respect the wishes we have received as a family. The account is going to be deleted in the next day.” The account is no longer active on social media.

Dannii’s sister Dee had also paid her tribute to her late sister. She said, “She will be loved, very much missed and it was a horrible tragedy. Please be safe on the roads. This can happen to anyone. She was 28. Full of life and trying her best to move on and meet someone. Now she won’t get that chance.”

Dee has also been confined by a media agency that Dannii was driving on the indication of the green light and that’s when the drunk driver hit her car which caused major damages. She was being treated by the doctors but couldn’t make it through.