Haarsh Limbachiyaa takes care of his wife Bharti Singh like her ‘nurse’

In an interview, Bharti Singh revealed that her husband acts like her nurse and takes care of her unusual cravings.

Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa revealed that the comedian was pregnant through their YouTube channel, “LOL Life of Limbachiyaa’s. “In December 2021 with her fans and followers
Bharti revealed that “Harsh is like my nurse, he heats the water and presses my back when it pains. At night I get these unusual cravings for channa bhatura or dairy products like paneer and Harsh is then busy checking food apps, which will deliver such food items at home. I have never been fond of paneer or milk but I feel all these cravings in the middle of the night.”

She even said in the previous interview’s that she does yoga every alternate day as she wants to have a normal delivery and is scared of cesarean surgery, as she plans on returning to work as soon as possible after the delivery but is still worried about the complications ahead. She added that she walks for an hour every day in the morning and then does yoga as instructed by her trainer.