Witney Carson shares health update on son Leo after he hit head on concrete

Witney Carson’s elder son, Leo, was rushed to the hospital after accidentally hitting his head on concrete.

Witney had revealed via her Instagram Story that her son, whom she shares with husband Carson McAllister, was rushed to the hospital on Friday. “Thank goodness that he didn’t pass out or lose consciousness – so many tender mercies.”


She added that the doctors were not concerned about serious trauma, but despite of that, Leo, 2, was taken for X-rays, just to be sure.

The Dancing With the Strs pro labelled the doctors at the hospital as “angels on earth,” as they made her son feel comfortable and allowed the parents to be with him the whole time.

Carson and Witney have been making sure that their son gets maximum rest and “lots of TLC” as he recovers. By Friday, Leo was looking much better with only a few bruises on his face.

The couple welcomed Leo in 2021 and his brother, Jett, in 2023. The couple moved from their Utah’s family home to Florida during her second pregnancy.