When Waheeda Rehman forgot to dye her hair which left Helen, Sadhna and Nanda in shock

Talking to Filmfare, Waheeda Rehman recalled how Helen, Sadhna and Nanda were left in shock after seeing her grey hair.

Talking about Bollywood the Golden Era of Hindi Cinema was marked with performances of actors such as Waheeda Rehman, Helen, Sadhna Shivdasani (popularly known as Sadhna) and Nanda Karnataki. Their sheer beauty and acting prowess attracted the audience to the theatres like magnets. Those were the days when fan following was organic, not based on social media posts and PR propaganda. Recalling the days, Waheeda Rehman in an interview with Filmfare revealed an incident that surprised her friends and co-actresses, Helen, Sadhna and Nanda.

She said, “My hair had started greying rather early. Every 10 days, I had to touch it up. I found it tiring. During the time when my husband was unwell, it escaped my mind to dye my hair. When I came to Mumbai everyone was shocked to see me. Helen, Sadhna, Nanda… all said, ‘Khuda yeh kya kiya tumne! (Oh god, what have you done!),”


The incident shows how female actresses were seen as princesses of beauty during those days. People imagined them to be the same as they saw in movies. But the reality is always different and Waheeda Rehman was one of them who accepts realities. She went to add, “But I just let it be. When you accept reality, you’re relaxed. Once I’d attended a function, when Sunil Dutt said in jest, ‘Waheedaji’s unfair. Being younger than us, she’s stopped dyeing her hair. Now our secret is out!”

Waheeda, Helen and Asha Parekh are the team of three who enjoy whenever they get time. The trio together appeared on ‘The Kapil Sharm Show’ reminiscing the past days, the show was surely a treat to witness the legends of Hindi Cinema.