Did you know, the debonair Dev Anand was ditched by this actress? Read to know why

Late actor Dev Anand and Suriya’s steaming love story was once a growing talk of the town. They even worked in several films together such as Vidya (1948), Do Sitare (1971), Sanam (1951), and Nili (1950) among many others. Their love story began on the sets of their first film Vidya.

Dev Anand has expressed openly many times how his love relationship with Suraiya was deep and intimate. Though the actress had strong feelings for him, she plausibly couldn’t accept his marriage proposal due to various reasons.


In an interview with Stardust magazine in 1972, Suraiya shared insights from her secret relationship with Dev Anand. It was due to her grandmother’s presence at film studios, that she was unable to converse with Dev in the open.

The couple then resorted to secret phone calls every Friday, cherishing their time together despite the challenges faced. It was due to Suraiya’s grandmother’s disapproval of inter-religious marriage that the actress had to give in.

Suraiya had even planned to elope with Dev Anand, but her grandmother had threatened her, “I will have you both arrested if you marry.”

Dev was aware of the potential challenges lined up for them, but he assured the actress that he would provide her with the utmost love, respect and security. However, his proposal also came with a condition that Suraiya must give up her career post-marriage.

In an interview with Stardust, Suraiya revealed that there were many reasons to decline his marriage proposal. Marrying Dev meant sacrificing her successful career. She was uncertain of herself despite being aware of Dev’s deep affection towards her. When she turned down Dev’s proposal, his reaction was flabbergasted.

The actor labelled her as a coward as a matter of his disappointment which came as a shock. Many times Dev even shared that maybe they weren’t destined for each other. If he had been with her, he wouldn’t have been the Dev Anand, he came to become.

Suraiya reflected on her choices and contemplated if what she did was a mistake or a silly decision. Or was it just destiny playing its card and influencing her life’s story? The actress remained unmarried till her death at the age of 74.