When Shahid Kapoor admitted he was ‘Terrible’ in his first film Ishq Vishq, Haider and Kabir Singh were the most intense roles he ever played

Shahid Kapoor is known for being candid in his interviews. In an exclusive interview during the promotion of his film Kabir Singh, Shahid spoke about his personal and professional life.

Shahid started off by answering about his journey from the music video ‘Aankho mei tera hi Chehra’ to ‘Kabir Singh’, on which Kabir Singh star laughingly replied, ‘That’s the biography’, he further added, ‘I have changed completely, I am not the same person anymore, I was 16 then and now 38, intially all I wanted to do was be front of the camera without any clue, without any preparation, I was immature but now it’s different, I have done about 30 films, been here for 16 years as an actor, so a lot has changed.


On being asked on the comparison between Tommy Singh from ‘Udta Punjab’ and Kabir from ‘Kabir Singh’ ‘s impact on him personally as both of them were really intense character to play, on which Shahid said, ‘ It was difficult adapting from being on set to being at home that time (during Udta Punjab) I was single and alone, I could do whatever I wanted but now when I’m home, I have wife, kids – so yeah’ Shahid further added a very important aspect, ‘ I need to be in a certain capacity, certain vicinity, maintain a certain headspace’. These lines actually tell us about the importance for family in an actor’s life.

Shahid also mentioned that two of the most intense character of his film career would be ‘Haider’ and ‘Kabir Singh’ who have more layers and depth and not ‘Tommy Singh’, who he said was noisy, he added,’ Empty vessels make the most noise’ for the character of ‘Tommy Singh’.

Shahid in this conversation also shed light on an important aspect about actors and that how it is sometimes important to be uncertain, unsure of things in order to understand. He said this when he was asked about his mother’s reaction on his work and whether she is a critical mother or all hearts for son’s work kind of mother.
Ahead in the interview, Shahid talked how he thinks he was terrible in his first film ‘Ishq Vishq’ and said how sometimes it’s important to be raw and rough around the edges and that works for certain films, and he isn’t sure that if he could do it today or if a film like that will appeal to him today or not.

Shahid is currently working on Jersey which is a remake of 2019 Telegu film with the same name.