When Shah Rukh Khan stormed inside a magazine office for publishing his affair with Juhi Chawla

Relive the moment when Shah Rukh Khan went into a magazine’s office to stop them from publishing fake rumours about his relationship with Juhi Chawla.

Shah Rukh Khan and his wife, Gauri, are known as the power couple in the Hindi film industry. It looks like a match made in heaven with a pair of talents. From the beginning of their lives together as sweethearts to overcoming numerous challenges and staying tough, SRK and Gauri have always fueled inspirational couple goals for everyone watching. However, SRK himself has surfaced so many dating rumours despite being married to the love of his life. One such rumour that broke all of his admirers’s hearts was the one with Priyanka Chopra. 


In one of her past interviews with Filmfare in 1994, soon after marrying the young rising star Shah Rukh Khan, his beloved wife Gauri narrated an incidental story about him. The diva, knowing the tribulations of being an actor’s wife, remembered how Shah Rukh Khan almost stormed into a magazine publisher who issued rumours about SRK and his alleged affair with the actress Juhi Chawla.

Gauri also noted the magazine’s use of pictures from Darr featuring her husband and Juhi to circulate this rumour. She mentioned: “For that story about him and Juhi having an affair, they used a still from Darr. He went and broke up their office.”

Well, it is a common story that the media digs up celebrity dating rumours, but sometimes they go to the extent of cooking up false allegations.