When Priyanka Chopra struggled to dance, and was yelled at on the sets of Andaaz

Former Miss World, global sensation Priyanka Chopra has been ruling the entertainment industry like no one. She has given some ace performances and have left us all elated time and again. Her journey has always been filled with ups and downs.

Priyanka Chopra in her conversation with a YouTuber, revealed it was not easy for her to be an actor, and about her experiences . She talked about an incident where PeeCee struggled of not getting into the rhythm with the dance choreographer.


Reminiscing about an incident, PeeCee disclosed how, Choreographer Raju Khan, son of Saroj Khan scolded her on the sets of the movie as she failed to complete a shot even after 40 takes!

“That was one of the first songs I shot and there were multiple things I had to achieve at that point. Once the 40-something take had happened and I didn’t get it right… I remember Raju Khan was the choreographer, he is Saroj (Khan) ji’s son. He threw his mic down and said, ‘Just because you’re Miss World, you think you can become an actress? Go learn how to dance and then come back and perform,’” Priyanka said.

Ahead in the interview, Priyanka said it was because of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna that she got time to work on her dancing skills. She shared, “Luckily, Akshay’s wife went into labour at that point so the schedule was cut short and we came back to India. I remember going to Pandit Veeru Krishnan’s class and started learning kathak. I did about six hours every single day and then when I went back, for the next schedule, I knew so much more,”

Priyanka Chopra made her debut alongside Sunny Deol in ‘The Hero: Love Story of a Spy’(2003). Priyanka rose to fame with Raj Kanwar’s blockbuster hit ‘Andaaz’. Currently, the actor has been living in her US home with her husband, Nick Jonas.