When Pooja Bhatt’s lip lock photo with father Mahesh Bhatt caused havoc in the Industry – Know more

It all started when she posed for a magazine cover in a lip lock with her father, Mahesh Bhatt.

Salman Khan said that Pooja Bhatt would not only be a panellist but also a surprise contender on the hit reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’.

Pooja has long been considered as one of the industry’s most daring actresses, continuously pushing boundaries ahead of her time. She emerged as a fresh face among the sea of newbies, from daring photoshoots to flaunting bikinis.


However, one particular issue derailed her career just as she was reaching the pinnacle of her fame.

It all started when she posed for a magazine cover in a lip lock with her father, Mahesh Bhatt.

This daring exhibition of affection generated outrage, prompting the organisation of a press conference to address the outrage. This week’s Tuesday Trivia delves into the specifics of this contentious incident.

The incident occurred in the 1980s, when Pooja was recognised for her daring and attractive appearance. Her career took off in 1989 with the release of the film ‘Daddy,’ and 1991 proved to be a lucky year for her, with two blockbuster hits, ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin’ and ‘Sadak’.

During this time, Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt appeared for a magazine cover that was unlike any other father-daughter photograph. Pooja was sitting on her father’s knee when Mahesh dropped a kiss on her lips.

This eye-catching image graced the cover of Stardust magazine, but it also sparked substantial public outrage.

As the outrage over the photo grew, Mahesh Bhatt felt obligated to arrange a press conference to address the situation. His defence, on the other hand, just put fuel to the fire, intensifying the situation.

When asked about the lip lock photo, Mahesh shocked everyone by saying, “If Pooja had not been my daughter, I would have married her.” This remark sent shockwaves throughout the business, fueling even more outrage. Nonetheless, as with most controversies, this eventually died down.

Pooja Bhatt most recently appeared in ‘Chup: Revenge of The Artist,’ with Dulquer Salmaan.

She is already making waves on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, attracting fans with her forthright admissions regarding alcohol addiction and delivering her candid perspective on life, fellow participants, and other topics.