When Marina Kuwar alleged Bhushan Kumar didn’t waste time to show her, his PRIVATE PARTS, read all details


Sonu Nigam recently claimed that there are two ‘mafias’ in the music industry. Today the singer shared a video wherein he states point blank that Bhushan Kumar used to be scared and he used to come to him to shelter himself from gangster Abu Salem. He also goes on to state in the same video that if in case Bhushan tries to play anymore dirty with him, he would be outing Marina Kuwar’s video!

Yes, Marina Kuwar’s secret video. Do you know who is Marina and who is Sonu referring to in his video? Here is all you need to know about her.
Marina is a model-actress who appeared in a few episodes of SONY channel’s CID and Aahat. Reports suggest that in 2017 she was expected to play the lead role opposite Akshay Kumar in Hindi remake of, Million Dollar Baby. However, the movie did not move beyond this. Earlier, while interacting with media she said, “Working with a star like Akshay Kumar is like a dream come true, the journey from modelling to acting has been a major struggle but I have never given up and I am confident I will soon be recognised.” She has also done a few modelling assignments.

Marina dated television actor Mayur Verma who was last seen in Colors TV’s reality show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. The couple broke up in 2016 after which they were approached to participate in Bigg Boss season 9.

Marina revealed during an interaction with Aaj Tak that, “Bhushan Kumar is a legend. His father Gulshan Kumar is vernerated by so many. At least Sajid Khan tried to convince me, in a way he tried to frame me and it was extrememly wrong of him but Bhushan just went past him in terms of his audacity and filthiness. I went to his office for a music video which was being sung by Honey Singh, we had a meeting in connection to that but he told me, i am in a hurry now, I have a press conference lined up so I have to leave but because i wanted to meet you so I called you to my office. It was just a ploy to call me to his office to show that I am not like the others, I am a good man! He called me at a certain time in ‘Bon Bon’ but i told him, he had to give me a few details about the car he will be driving and everything else. He told me it will a white coloured ‘Swift’ with darkened glasses. I was shocked that how could Bhushan Kumar be in such a pitiable state to be wandering around in a Swift car. Actually he didn’t want people to know, Bhushan is in the car.”

Marina continued, “Finally, he called me to his office and he said it is a workplace cum home. When I reached there I didn’t find any office like ambiance, there were sofas everywhere and he suddenly started. He didn’t take one second, he didnt’ even waste a time in convincing me. He started forcing himself on me. I feel bad revealing it in front of the camera, but just like Sajid, he showed me his private part, he didn’t waste a second and just opened it. I felt, what on earth is happening? Are women meant only to be used? And then, when we speak the truth in front of everyone, people feel we are lying! No one would do this intentionally! And if you ask me for the proofs, please look at my call details, you will get all the proof. I could even take you to his building. There are CCTV cameras there too, you can check whether I am lying or not. One cannot just blame someone so powerful all of a sudden! But later on, his wife had called and what was even more shocking was when I saw his phone, it had a screensaver of his wife and child on the phone and this is what he does?!” when he left, I got a chance and left from there. He called me later to ask why I left without informing him, i told him, I wont be doing your music video, god has given me my hands and legs, i will work hard but won’t sleep around to get work.”

Sonu Nigam and Bhushan Kumar have been loggerheads for quite some time. From time to time the reports of the duo mending their bond surfaced in media. However, after the video posted by Sonu Nigam today, it feels this rivalry will continue for a long time.

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