When Krushna Abhishek revealed he wants Govinda to abuse him and beat him up

Recently, Krushna Abhishek and Govinda’s spat came to light again. Earlier, Krushna had also asked Govinda to beat him to solve the fight.

The uncle-nephew duo of Govinda and Krushna Abhishek fell out two years ago and still haven’t reconciled. Their spat became the buzz again when Krushna refused to share the stage with Govinda on The Kapil Sharma Show.

For those who don’t know, the relationship between Govinda and Krushna soured in 2018, when the latter’s wife, Kashmera Shah tweeted about ‘people who dance for money’. Govinda’s wife, Sunita, took offence at the tweet as she believed that the tweet was made to attack her husband. Later, she did a full-fledged interview about the matter, announcing that she has cut all ties with Krushna and Kashmera.


The couple tried to reconcile with Govinda by calling the spat a misunderstanding. However, Govinda and Sunita turned a deaf ear towards their request. Krushna had also gone to the length of saying that Govinda and Sunita can beat them up if they want, but they should let go of the grudge.

In an interview with Times of India in 2019, Krushna had said, “Govinda mama has all the right even Sunita mami has the same too. She has taken care and looked after us. She is a wonderful woman. She has given all of us a lot of love. And after this fight, I have understood one thing very clearly that my mami (Sunita) loves me the most and that’s the reason she is angry with me. You don’t get upset and angry with strangers. But I feel they should end this fight, forget the anger and just hug me. I want them to call me home, abuse me, beat me up, ask me questions but end this fight. I want this.”

However, it seems that Krushna is now tired of apologising to his uncle and aunt. Recently, he refused to share the stage with Govinda on The Kapil Sharma show. In an interview with ETimes, he said, “Ab toh sirf Kapil hi issues resolve kar sakta hai hamaare beech ke. Jab mama agli baar aaye toh mujhe bula le stage par aur sab ke saamne sulah karne bole (Now only Kapil can solve our issues. The next time my uncle appears on this show, I want him to call me to the stage in front of everyone and reconcile with me).”