When Katrina Kaif revealed why she doesn’t talk to Bipasha Basu

The rivalry between Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif is one of the most notorious in B-Town. What Katrina thinks is the cause of their conflict is as follows!

In Bollywood, it’s very common that sometimes two actresses may not always get along, and they are frank about it. Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif are one of the celebrity pairs from Bollywood that have friction. It was shocking to find out that things are not quite great between their ladyloves, even though their ex-boyfriends, Salman Khan and John Abraham, did not get along either. In Abbas Mastan’s film Race, Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu had such intense animosity that, while filming, they didn’t even acknowledge one another.

Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif made an appearance on the sets of Karan Johar’s show, Koffee With Karan, back in 2008. Throughout her appearance on the show, host Karan questioned Katrina about plenty of personal topics. Being the sneaky guy that he is, he inquired about her argument with Bipasha Basu. Karan stated, “Bipasha and you have steamy stuff anyways happening. You don’t look at each other or talk to each other.”


In response to Karan Johar’s inquiry, Katrina Kaif said that Bipasha Basu ought to be questioned about it, as she has previously made her opinions on the matter clear. She did, however, also note that Bipasha is putting a lot of effort into building her reputation and name in the film industry, just as she is. In addition to praising Bipasha, Katrina said, “That is something that, honestly, you will have to ask her. I did try to clarify my views and my standpoint on the whole issue surrounding nothing. At the end of the day, I’m here to work, and I definitely know so. She is a person who’s working very hard in the industry, and I think that’s definitely where she wants to be. And today, I state very clearly that I think you’re a wonderful person. I genuinely, actually do.”

Later on in the chat, Katrina Kaif said to Karan Johar that although she doesn’t get along with Bipasha Basu, she still thinks highly of the actress. She did, however, add that she thought there might have been a third person who got in the way of them and started the argument. She was heard saying, “I think she’s amusing, and she’s quite funny, and she’s opinionated. I like that. And somewhere along the line, I think maybe a third party has just come in between and caused this. And I think that’s what happens a lot in this industry. Some people come and say, ‘Oh, but I actually think she meant this, and no, actually what she was trying to say was this’. Yeah, which is sad because I’m really not like that as a person. I will never and if that ever happens, I hope one of my six sisters shoots me in the head.”

Bipasha Basu said in a Star Trek episode starring Anna M.M. Vetticad that while she gets along with most of her male co-stars, she doesn’t get along with most of the girls. She revealed that she and Katrina Kaif never speak, recalling the well-known conflict they had on the set of their movie, Race. Bipasha said, “Katrina and I don’t talk. So there is nothing really earth-shattering about it. The tension between us has been created for a particular reason. I know the reason and I know why it’s been done and I’ll never share that with anybody. It could be because of our boyfriends (John Abraham and Salman Khan) but that never affected our work. We didn’t speak during Race but that never stopped shooting.”

If rumours are to be believed, director Abbas Mastan made sure that the performers’ appearances and attire matched the scenes they were filming to prevent issues on the sets throughout production. On the sets, Bipasha and Katrina were never seen chatting, in contrast to other actors who used to get along with everyone. Abbas would shoot the lead actresses’ scenes separately due to their rivalry. Not only that but the producers and directors purposefully scheduled separate promotional dates for Bipasha and Katrina as they refused to promote the movie together.