When Karthik Aaryan revealed that his mom handles his finances and gives him ‘pocket money’

Here’s a look back at Kartik Aaryan’s early disclosure regarding his mother managing his finances and sending him “pocket money” ahead of Budget 2024.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Budget 2024 on Thursday. Before that, we revisit the time that actor Kartik Aaryan shocked the internet by disclosing how his mother, Mala Tiwari, manages his money. The actor also revealed in a 2023 interview with Film Companion that he has no idea how much money is in his bank account.

Additionally, Kartik Aaryan stated that he needs his mother’s approval before making any purchases.  “My mother handles my money. I don’t know how much money there is in my account or if there is any money or not… I wanted to buy a car on my birthday, but mummy refused, saying that there is no money. She said maybe next year or sometime later, but, ‘Abhi nahi le sakte. I have no option but to believe what my mother tells him, because I don’t even know where to check how much money I have, I don’t know kaunsa account hai.”


Kartik, who appears in the next movie Chandu Champion and has Aashiqui 3 in his cat, added, “She just doesn’t want me to get spoilt. She thinks I can still get spoilt. I have lived my life where I spent more than my earnings. So, I think she is used to that idea and she doesn’t like it. She has decided isko pocket money mein hi rakho, usme sudhra rahega.”

Netizens responded to this interview saying, “Another day of Indian men refusing to grow up!” One also wrote, “His wife will have lot of issues with the mother.” “Good luck to his wife.” “Why do we promote such grown up kids?”