When Irrfan Khan refused to work with Kangana Ranaut, this is what he said

Kangana Ranaut had asked Irrfan Khan about doing a movie together.

In a throwback video, actress Kangana Ranaut can be seen talking about a film that she and Irrfan Khan were supposed to do together. The actress opened up about what her co-actor felt about doing a project with her.

At an event after the release of Tanu Weds Manu, Kangana told Irrfan that they should do a movie together. “I told him we must start that film. He is like – ‘Yeah but ek mayaan me do talware kaise rahengi,” she said.


Kangana says she took it as a compliment. The actress can also be seen saying that she would love to work with an actor like Irrfan Khan. “Someone who will give a tough competition. For me, it is a big deal that he thinks that I am a competition for him. It is such a compliment. I am floored and flattered by it.”

During the same event, she also revealed that she would love to be a part of a movie about Madhubala.

“You know certain exceptional faces and personalities sometimes come on screen and they are just magical, which never happens again. Such a person is Madhubala. There is something so beautiful and innocent about her. She can get away with anything, you know. I would have loved to be on the same screen as her but maybe as a pillar or something,” she added.