When Dilip Kumar spoke about the qualities that made his on-screen performances ‘enduring, long-lasting and so wonderful’

When Dilip Kumar revealed some magical secret to his success as an actor in the whole six-decade of his Bollywood career.

Legendary actor late Dilip Kumar is constantly hailed as an ‘institution’ and the only actor who mastered the method acting and drama in Hindi cinema. The golden-era of Indian cinema had come to an end after his death. A throwback video of the Dilip Saab has now broached the social media in which the legendary ‘Andaaz’ actor is seen relieving some of the secret mantra to his success as an actor in his whole six-decade of Bollywood career.

In the video, Dilip Saab was seen onstage escorted with wife Saira Banu, the video happened to be from an award ceremony.


On stage, Dilip Saab was questioned by actor Shah Rukh Khan as what was the quality which made all the films he made so enduring, long-lasting and so wonderful. To which Dilip responded with “Sheer good luck, perhaps, a lot of hard work, honesty, togetherness, fellowship, and above all, yes, no actor can be bigger than the substance which he portrays… I mean the character, the story, the screenplay.” He further holds the Shah Rukh Khan’s hand and continued, “For any good or enduring performance, Shah Rukh you have to have a good story, good character equations, sound conflict, and enough of an opportunity for you to then wade through it. Then you have substance to deal with, not just shadows.”