When Dilip Kumar shared his views on being childless

Late actor Dilip Kumar had shared his views on having nobody to carry forward his legacy, in one of his old interviews.

Late actor Dilip Kumar had once shared his views on having nobody to carry his legacy forward. He said that he had no regrets about being childless. The actor got married to actress Saira Banu and both had a happy married life together.

In an interview with Hindustan Times in the year 2012, the actor said, “It would have been great if we had our own kids. But we have no regrets.” He further added, “We are both submissive to the will of God. As for incompleteness, I must tell you that neither Saira nor I can complain of a lack of contentment. It is enough for us that we have our families to share our happiness and our small dismays with. Mine is a large family, with so many nieces and nephews and their families of growing kids speaking the language of today, which is as bewildering as it is befitting the times they are living in. Saira’s is a small family comprising her brother Sultan and his kids and grandchildren. We feel we are lucky to be there for them when they need us.”


Dilip Kumar replied very optimistically when he was asked who will carry forward his legacy. “I already see so many actors eager to carry forward what I established in my time. When a bright young actor comes up to me and says, ‘Sir, I wish to follow your work and walk the path you paved for us with your foresight,’ I am filled with a sense of awe and gratitude to the Almighty for having taken me through the paces of finding my way in a profession I had no preparation to be in,” he said.

The legendary actor Dilip Kumar took his last breath in the early morning of June 7 at Hinduja Hospital. The actor’s last rites will be performed at Juhu at 5 pm.