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When Dilip Kumar opened up about not having any child to carry forward his legacy

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu were expecting a child, but due to complications, the child couldn’t survive.


Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu tied the knot in 1966. Five years later, Saira was pregnant and the couple’s happiness was on the seventh heaven. Saira was proposed full rest by the doctors.

But, on the further end, Saira was roped in for numerous movies and the makers got anxious that their money would be lost if Saira quit working. Saira was exceptionally professional and honest. Saira agreed to proceed to work following all precautions. The producers were glad and vowed the mandatory rest to Saira in between shoots.

Dilip wasn’t in favour of this decision. He didn’t prefer Saira do any physical work during the critical stage of her pregnancy. But, Saira persuaded Dilip and proceeded with her work responsibility.

Saira started shooting for the 1972 film Victoria No. 203. Despite all the precautions and care, a day came when Saira got sick due to work stress. Her blood pressure level rose and she kept falling sick over and over again. Despite that, Saira completed the shoot of the film.

The eighth month of pregnancy was going on. Saira was under complete care. But, the negative impact of the stress taken during the shooting had been too much.

The health of the baby in the womb wasn’t good and a situation came when premature delivery occurred. The delivery led to probably the biggest tragedy in the lives of Dilip and Saira. The born baby was stillborn.

That day changed a lot of things for Dilip and Saira. Dilip broke down like nobody had seen him ever before, he drowned in sorrow.