When Dharmendra SLAPPED Subhash Ghai on the sets of ‘Krodhi’


In 1981, director Subhash Ghai was making a film called Krodhi with Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Zeenat Aman were the lead actors. For one scene in the movie, actress Hema Malini was asked to wear a bikini and Subhash Ghai was scared to ask her.


After a while, Ghai asked Hema and she instantly refused. However, as the scene was of a swimming pool Subhash was adamant that his leading lady should be dressed in a swimming outfit. After many conversations, Hema was upset due to the constant requests.

Hema then suggested that instead of the bikini, she would wear a revealing dress and she convinced Subhash. Subhash instantly agreed and the scene was shot comfortably. However, when Dharmendra got to know about the conversations, he was extremely angry at Subhash.

He got violent on the sets and got into a physical fight with Subhash and Dharmendra slapped him on his sets in front of the cast and crew which shocked everyone. Looking at this, producer Ranjit Virk stopped Dharmendra and explained to him that it wasn’t the way to retaliate. Ranjit and Dharmendra were close friends hence Dharmendra gave Subhash an ultimatum and let him go.

Due to the fear of being reprimanded again, Subhash decided to remove the scene from the film and continued with his other scenes. At the box office, Krodhi did average business but Dharmendra’s performance was appreciated. Now Subhash and Dharmendra share a cordial relation, they have also worked together in a Punjabi film called ‘Double Di Trouble’ which was produced by Ghai.