WATCH: Thalapathy Vijay climbs on top of a bus to click selfie with fans

After a lengthy 14-year hiatus, Thalapathy Vijay, the well-known actor from the Tamil film industry, has returned to Kerala. He’s about to start filming GOAT, his newest project, and his friendly contacts with fans are already creating waves.

As hundreds of Vijay’s followers awaited their chance to see their idol outside Trivandrum’s Greenfield Stadium, it was clear how well-liked the actor is in Kerala. Vijay went above and beyond, in a touching show of affection to take photographs with his devoted fans by scaling a bus.


For Vijay’s supporters in Kerala, March 19 was a particularly memorable day since the actor went above and above to personally meet and welcome them outside the stadium. Since then, a number of videos that captured this special occasion have gone viral online, displaying Vijay’s gratitude and humility towards his fans.

He acknowledged the adoration of the fans with a wave from his towering stance on the bus, and he posed for pictures to create those recognisable self-portraits.

As supporters flocked to the streets to greet Vijay on his return to Kerala, it was clear that there was excitement around his arrival. Sadly, there have been instances where fervent admirers have harmed the actor’s vehicle. Vijay didn’t let these obstacles stop him from interacting with his followers with the same passion and zeal.



Vijay’s next movie, “GOAT,” has already attracted a lot of excitement, especially after it was revealed that he will play both an antagonist and a protagonist. With a star-studded ensemble cast that includes Prashanth, Prabhudheva, Sneha, Ajmal Ameer, Vibhav, Laila, Mohan, Aravind Akash, and Ajay Raj portraying the parts of hero and villain, Venkat Prabhu’s film promises to be an exciting cinematic experience.