WATCH: Shah Rukh Khan plays football with AbRam, Aryan Khan at Mannat garden

Shah Rukh Khan plays football with his son AbRam in their Mannat garden. Rumours abound about his prospective cameo in ‘Toxic’ and collaborations with Vishal Bhardwaj, adding to the anticipation for his next film.

Shah Rukh Khan, the legendary Bollywood star, recently pleased fans by transforming his Mannat lawn into a football pitch for a friendly match with his sons, AbRam and Aryan Khan.

The beautiful scene was captured in an online video published by a fan account on Instagram. In the video, Shah Rukh, AbRam, and others can be seen wearing white tees as they play the spirited game, transforming their backyard into a makeshift football pitch for some great family time.



Shah Rukh Khan’s love of football is widely known, as the actor has expressed his enthusiasm for the sport on multiple occasions. Shah Rukh’s passion for sports extends from eagerly following football matches, including FIFA World Cups, to demonstrating his skills as a footballer in school. Even after becoming a Bollywood celebrity, he continues to play informal matches with business pals, demonstrating his lifelong passion for football.

While the superstar’s professional initiatives have been a source of discussion, with no official statement regarding his next venture, rumours point to fascinating possibilities.

One such rumour is a possible cameo in Yash’s upcoming Kannada film, “Toxic.” According to a source cited by Pinkvilla, Shah Rukh Khan has been approached for a prominent role in the gangster-themed action film, with the character providing great depth and substance.

The decision on his involvement is expected within a fortnight, indicating the excitement surrounding his potential collaboration with the project’s staff.

Furthermore, there is much conjecture about Shah Rukh’s alleged conversations with famed filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj for a new movie. Furthermore, rumours circulate about his involvement in projects such as ‘Tiger versus Pathaan’ and a film starring his daughter, Suhana Khan, implying an intriguing slate of future undertakings for the Bollywood icon.