WATCH: Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins are back with another video on sexual awareness

Similar to traditional television commercials. Ranveer captioned this video too, “It’s bold to care.”

Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins teamed up again for a sexual awareness video. The actor, who is a brand ambassador for a sexual health company, shared a new video on his Instagram account on Wednesday morning in which he also served as the host of a TV commercial.

In the video, Ranveer discussed the obstacles that men experience in the bedroom. He then recommends a product from his brand that could be useful.


As proof that it has helped people, Ranveer invites a ‘businessman’ named Johnny Sins, who used the product and was satisfied with it. Johnny was shown speaking in English as a person dubbed him in Hindi, as is common in television advertising. He then returns on the screen as Dr. Johnny Science, teaching how to use the product. Johnny was ready to drop his trousers when Ranveer intervened and urged him to describe the usage rather than reveal it.

Ranveer captioned the video, “It’s bold to care.” Everyone is in splits after watching this video. Many people left comments with their reactions. “This marketing campaign is genius,” one comment said. “Keep these coming!,” said another. “The only superstar to take a bold step to speak about men’s sexual health and wellness,” a member of the audience said.

Last year, Ranveer and Johnny appeared in another brand campaign. In a press statement at the time, Ranveer stated,  “I’m here with sincere intent to use my influence to raise awareness and make a positive impact. The Bold Care campaign is more than talk; it’s a mission that I am deeply connected to, and I am here to change how we address men’s sexual health, aiming for tangible solutions and millions of lives impacted all across the country.”