Was Kartik Aaryan removed from 'Goodbye Freddy' because he wanted director Ajay Bahl replaced? | Business Upturn

Was Kartik Aaryan removed from ‘Goodbye Freddy’ because he wanted director Ajay Bahl replaced?

 The SRK’s owned Red Chilllies Entertainment pulled Kartik Aryan from the ‘Goodbye Freddy’ film. After removing Dostana 2 from Dharma production, he has now been removed the second time.


It saddens me to say it, but Kartik Aaryan is on a roll. After Dharma Productions’ Dostana 2 last month, he lost a second project in a row. This time, the aggressive actor was fired from a major picture by a major production company — Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

Kartik got cast in the film Goodbye Freddy with Katrina Kaif. Kartik allegedly had concerns with director Ajay Bahl (B.A.Pass) and wanted him removed at any cost, in addition to his constant outbursts over having the screenplay modified. According to Peepingmoon.com Kartik allegedly had concerns about director Ajay Bahl (B.A. Pass) and wanted him removed.

Goodbye Freddy is a social comedy that was set to hit theatres in June. However, Red Chillies, which refused to accept Kartik’s bullshit and stayed firm, has now been charged with finding a substitute hero for their film. Because Goodbye Freddy had not arrived on the set, Red Chillies has not suffered a financial loss as a result of Kartik’s dismissal, as has Dharma Productions, who shot Dostana 2 with the actor for 20 days. Kartik is thought to have reimbursed Red Chillies for the signing fee.

Regardless of his attitude, losing Dostana 2 and Goodbye Freddy will severely harm Kartik’s professional chances. While Red Chillies and SRK have not publicly expressed their displeasure with Kartik’s intrusive tactics, Karan Johar is claimed to have been outraged by Kartik’s behaviour on the sets of Dostana 2 and allegedly stated that Dharma Productions was banning the actor and would never work with him again. Tut-tut, Kartik, that’s not the way to go.