Virushka makes requests no picture of their daughter to posted on internet adhere, Anushka shows gratitude to the press,

A famous couple, Virat and Anushka were caught by the paparazzi along with their daughter, and the couple requested no posting of daughter’s pic on social media.

Famous and favourite Bollywood couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were recently spotted at the airport. They were said to be leaving for India south Africa tour along with their daughter Vamika. Leaving at the wee hours of Thursday, the couple was a little off guard and did not cover Vamika’s face. They weren’t expecting the paparazzi to be around at such early hours in the morning. However, Virat was quick to request shutterbugs not to click Vamika’s pictures or share them anywhere on the internet platform as soon as the couple spotted the cameras. The photographers were kind enough to adhere to his request and refrained from posting Vamika’s pictures on any social media. For such a sweet gesture, Anushka expressed her gratitude and thanked the press, social media fan clubs for respecting their privacy.


Since fans were eagerly waiting to see Virat and Anushka’s beloved daughter, and since the media and press have already seen her, it was shared how cute she looks. The little one is a perfect mix of mommy and daddy.Vamika was looking straight into the camera without a blink. But since the request of Virshka regarding their daughter’s privacy, fans would have to wait for the couple themself to introduce Vamika to the world.


A couple of months ago, the Bollywood actress had shared a heart waring picture with her daughter on the occasion of Durga Ashtami. The actress was seen smiling in the picture while looking at her daughter, whose back is towards the camera. She captioned the image, saying, “Making e braver and more courageous every day. May you always find the strength of the goddess in you my little Vamika Happy Ashtami”.